Unicorn Poop Mini Bath Bombs


Unicorn Poop Mini Foaming bath bombs in a resealable pouch

Perfect for kids or adults, and economical choice!


Use a Little or Use a Lot!

Unicorn Poop – Mini foaming bath bombs for kids! These colorful bath bombs smell like bitrthday cake!

Effervescent bubbling fizzing bath bombs. They fizz and create bubbles ALL ON THEIR OWN when you toss them into your filled tub, creating colorful bubbles!

Mini Bombs in a stand up pouch. Favored by moms, you can give the kids two or three little bath bombs, or choose the amount to sprinkle, instead of choosing a full size bath bomb! An economical choice. All Mini Bombs come in a stand up pouch and are 250g.

Unicorn Poop Mini Bath Bombs

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