5 lb Surprise Box of Bath Bombs!


Surprise Box of 5 lbs of bath bombs! Mostly comprised of custom order overruns with minor cosmetic/weight/packaging flaws.

Shipped from Canada!


New and improved! We are making so may bombs that these lots are now mostly comprised of custom order overruns and minor cosmetic/weight/packaging flaws. What does this mean to you? More perfect bombs! It’s still a surprise lot, it still may have a few flaws, but mostly comprised of awesome bombs, with few, if any defects. We are also using larger boxes with more packing peanuts to offset the recent increased handling enthusiasm by UPS and Canada Post during the delivery process.

Made in Canada. We make these! Know where your stuff comes from!

Love Bath Bombs? Do we have a deal for you!!

We make a lot of bath bombs and we are up to our ears in them!

What is it?

This is a sold by weight lot; 5 POUNDS!! of Bath Bombs; they may be in shapes, sizes and fragrances that we don’t normally offer.

This is the equivalent of 20 – 4 oz bombs, or 30 – 2.5 oz bath bombs! Actual quantity WILL VARY depending on the average size of bombs in the mix.

The photos show some of the variety of bombs that could be included. This is a random mystery mix so contents will vary from box to box. We will try to give a good variety, but it comes down to availability, phase of the moon and wind direction.

The Catch: Some of these bombs may be heavier than 4 oz. so your mileage will vary. Most of these will be shrink wrapped and they are typically UNLABELED – no fragrance labels, etc. They are random; some may be funky shapes, most will be perfectly good bombs that were over-runs from special orders, or mistakes, mis-tints, Shrink wrap failures, imperfect shapes, underweight, etc. There may be the occasional cosmetic flaw or crack, whatever. You may get a lot of a particular fragrance, or you may get a large variety. You will get many overstock bombs that there is not a thing wrong with. What you will get is a whole pile of bombs at a killer price. A true Mystery Mix.

To be clear, there may be the occasional damaged or broken bomb; the vast majority should be awesome. Sometimes it may be a shaped bomb with a chipped corner etc. Many lots go out with no damages at all, they are just overruns, etc that we are clearing; just don’t be surprised by the occasional flaw. Once again, for those of you in the back – This is a seconds lot – yes we have had people complain that every single bomb was not in perfect condition…

The bombs may have Sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, or any combination thereof.

Hand Crafted in Nova Scotia. We make these!

5 lb Surprise Box of Bath Bombs!

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