Teresa Dunlop, the owner / operator of Little Luxuries Soapworks, used to make hand crafted soap products for gifts for friends and family back in the day when she started out making soap just for fun and now the message is that everyone deserves affordable little luxuries in their daily lives.

Check out our many luxury items on this site, contact us any time with questions, or call 902-468-6396 if you have any direct questions for faster service.

Little Luxuries Soapworks

Hand Crafted Soap in Nova Scotia

Little Luxuries hand crafted soap products in Nova Scotia is the result of turning her hobby and passion into a full time job. It has allowed her to be her own boss, and to stay in the lovely rural community of Nova Scotia near her three beautiful children.

With the support people like you, she has also been able to turn Little Luxuries Soapworks into a full time employer, employing three wonderful women in our small farming community. We are Hometown Proud!

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Everyone Deserves Affordable Little Luxuries
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